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USA Cricket World Cup 2024 l Best Time To Apply for Visit Visa

Cricket World Cup 2024 will be held in USA in 2024, If you are cricket lover and also looking to visit your desired country this is the best time to apply because visa ratio is very good.

For *US Visitor Visa* we do *FREE CONSULTATION* of every candidate in start to review how many chances are there for visa approval and advise accordingly.

Following is the procedure for visa processing:
Step 1: Visa Consultation Session *(Free).*
Step 2: Visa Processing and documentation (PKR 40,000/- charges)
Step 3: File Preparation
Ste 4: Submission of Embassy Fee by client.

*Information required for US application :*
1. Active Mobile/Phone, Email, and Home Address
2. Professional Resume which represents information about Business Address, Name of the business, Designation, Work period, Email, and Phone
3. Family member details such as Full name and D.O.B including Parents, Children, and Spouse
4. Previous Refusals information. (If any)
5. Canadian/US/British Citizen or resident’s family member details. (If any)
6. Passport
7. Social Media Accounts
8. Education History
9. Digital Pictures

Embassy visa fee and any paid early appointment is not included in the mentioned price.

Contact us at 0333-3599811 for details.

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