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Skardu Valley

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful country in this world that is blessed with all the four seasons’ i.e. summers, winters, autumn and Spring. Every year tourist from Pakistan and all over the world choose Northern Pakistan as their travel destination to spend their vacation with families and friends.

Gilgit Region is one of the most travelled destination in Pakistan. Skardu is one of the most beautiful valley of Gilgit Baltistan. Skardu serves as the capital of Skardu district and Balitstan region. Skardu valley is approximately 8000 ft above sea level. The word skardu is derived from local Balti language which means two places i.e Shigar city and Satpara Lake.

Indus river that’s floats to the end of the country starts from Skardu region derived from the glaciers. Skardu valley is always become the centre of attraction for mountain lovers because it the home for some of the highest peaks in this world that includes Mighty K2, Mashaburum, The Gasherbrums, Broad Peak and the Transgo Towers. Most of the world mountaineers travelled to skardu to summit these peaks. Every year thousands of mountaineers try to summit world’s second highest peak K2.

In this article we will be discussing Why Skardu should be your next travel destination.

Deosai National Park:

Deosai is considered to be the highest plateu of the world which an elevation of 13500 above sea level. Meanings of Deosai in local language is place for summers. Deosai valley is hardly reachable for two months in Summers starting from June to August. In this time period the whole deosai valley turns into lush green and people love this journey when they explore Bara Pani, Kala Pani, Deosai Top and Sheosar lake that’s on the top of Deosai National Park which is home to brown bears. Authorities also arranges safari service for nature lovers to take them to different places of Deosai for Brown beer sighting. Deosai is also home of some of the rare species of the world i.e snow leopards, ibex abd Tibetan brown bears.

Shigar Fort:

Shigar fort is located in Shigar valley an organic village of Skardu, on the road that leads towards mighty K2, Shigar fort also refers to as Fong-Khar that means a beautiful palace on the rocks. Shigar fort is around 400 years old consists of two main buildings one is old building and the other one is garden house. There is a beautiful pond In between where flowers swim. This heritage has turned into a beautiful guest house now managed by Serena Hotels with 20 beautiful rooms. They reserved a big hall which serves as a museum of Balti culture.

Shangrila Resort:

Shangrila Resort has started their services back in 1983, It was named as “Heaven on Earth” because of its beautiful and mind-blowing views. Shangrila resort has a heart shaped artificial lake, This Lake is the center of attraction for every visitor. There are more than 90 rooms in this resort, whereas if you don’t want to stay in resort you will still visit it to experience its beauty.

Sadpara Lake:

Sadpara lake is in Sadpara valley Skardu, this valley is famous because of their brave sons who always get ready to conquer and summit highest peaks. Many famous mountaineers claim their name all over the world like Hasan Sadpara, Sajid Sadpara and many more. In 2002 Government built a dam on Satpara lake because it’s one of the largest fresh water lake in northern Pakistan. This lake is the main source for locals to get fresh drinking water. En route to Deosai National park you can stop for a while to enjoy the beauty of this lake.

Manthoka Waterfall:

Manthoka waterfall is a beautiful place in Kharmang valley of Skardu. It is 180 feet high from ground level and located at 80km from my city side of Skardu. One can easily cover this waterfall while travelling towards Khaplu valley. Road leading to Mantholka waterfall is offroad and needs courage and patience to witness this beauty. This whole route is filled with fresh water streams, rocky mountains of Karakorum region and lush green grass. There are few local restaurants at Manthoka waterfall who serves you delicious food, Tea and specially Trout fish.

Khaplu Fort:

Khaplu Fort is located in Khaplu valley that is around 4 hours’ drive from main skardu city. This is an old fort and heritage which is centre of attraction for tourists because of its unique architecture. It was built back in 19th century by Raja of Khaplu. This place is now managed by Serena hotels and it offers accommodation for guests who wants to have a royal experience of staying in a fort.

Skardu has a lot to offer to its visitors, I just tried to list few of the main attractions of Skardu city. Plan your next Skardu tour with the best tour operator of Pakistan, The Josh Tours is the family travel partner who always gives premium services to tourists. If you are looking for best tour operator in Karachi then you can contact us.

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