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Ormara Beach Trip

Ormara beach is one of the most beautiful beach in coastal belt of Balochistan, Ormara beach is a flat beach surface with crystal clear sand and deep blue water. It is famous because of its sunrise and sunsets. For families it is a perfect weekend getaway because it is hardly 6 hours drive from Karachi.

For families there are well maintained and pocket friendly resorts available, On top of the line Bolan Safari Resort and Haftalar Beach resort which has rooms’ facility as well as camping site available to accommodate guests. Normally we take group tours on weekly basis in which we provide complete services of Catering, Accommodation, Entertainment i.e singing and jamming sessions along with bonfire on beach. This beach is a great place to play beach games, sun bath and dive into the sea.

Further Ormara beach is highly secured by naval forces, Coast Guards and local Levis security force which gives you a sense of security while you are travelling with your family. Ormara city is developing now and has different food spots available even there is a well maintained pizza shop in the city area where you can taste delicious pizza which can fulfil your craving of fast food.

Our Trip Itinerary:

Every Saturday Morning our trip departs from Karachi Millinium Mall Opposite Dalmia Road parking area for Ormara Beach, On the way we do breakfast at Winder restaurant, normally we serve Omlette, Paratha, Chana & Tea to our customers. We take our second stop at Kund Malir Beach View Point which gives an aerial view of triangular beach consists of Sand, mountains and beach. By evening we arrive at Ormara beach where our clients enjoy live Hi Tea session of Wong tongs, one bite samosas and tea. After their Hi tea session they experience the most beautiful sunset at Ormara beach which will remain with them forever. At night we arrange their dinner serving them live BBQ of Chicken Boti, Chandan Kabab along with sweets and cold drinks.

After dinner our clients enjoy with their families at bonfire under million stars sky along with live jamming session. We end our night by live movie projection at beach. Next morning our clients enjoy live Halwa Puri & Tea breakfast at resort and we depart back for Karachi. On the way back we explore Princess of hope that was explored by Angelina Jolie on her UN and Kund Malir Beach. We take our last stop at Winder again for lunch where we serve our clients traditional Chicken karhai cooked on coals which add taste in food along with hot rotis. Normally we arrived back in Karachi at sunset time.


All in all, Ormara beach journey is full of adventure, exploration, memories and life time experience of quality time that you spend with your family at the most beautiful beach in Pakistan. Because at the end of the way we are looking for experiences and opportunities that allow us to explore some quality time with our family. In Today’s fast world it’s really hard for families to communicate in between, But these journeys intact you together to chat and discuss things en route to your destinations.

It also gives you an opportunity to connect with likeminded people, because normally in Ormara beach tour, people travel more than once due to low price and in only two days they do a complete trip hassle free. Many of our clients booked this trip more than twice in a same quarter because their main purpose is to get away from main city life and to explore nature. So once you start meeting your likeminded people it will be fun for you to travel again because in the next trip you will be having your friends with you also to accompany you for trip along with your family. So if you are ready for this adventure, Book your next trip now.

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