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Gwadar Beach in Balochistan, Pakistan

Gwadar Beach is located in Balochistan, Pakistan with a distance of around 650KMs from Karachi. The moment you cross Hub and enter Balochistan, everything will start to change and you will feel like entering in a completely different universe, A universe full of deserts, Beautiful rocky mountain with different natural sculptures which forces you to think that might be possible dinosaurs disappeared in the same mountains thousands of years ago.

A crystal clear Zigzag road of CPEC makes this journey comfortable and easy for travelers, due to this new CPEC road hundreds of travelers get a weekend get away from different parts of Sindh and travel to Gwadar, as well as people from different provinces like Punjab and KPK also show interest to travel to Gwadar to explore the coastal beauty of Pakistan.

Here are some places you can explore on the way to Gwadar:

1. Hingol National Park

2. Ormara Beach

3. Pasni Beach

4. Kund Malir Beach

5. Jiwani Beach

6. Astola Island

7. Buzi Pass

Every week we take group tours and private tours to Gwadar beach for weekend getaway. Normally this trip is of 2 Days and 2 nights. We depart on Friday night from Karachi. We take our first stop at Winder for washroom, then our second stop at Kund Malir Beach, And then breakfast stop at Ormara Beach. Where we serve our clients fresh Omlette and Paratha with hot tea in traditional style. Then we start our journey again and arrive Gwadar in near afternoon. Our group get fresh and we serve fresh Biryani with cold drinks and then continue our journey to explore Gwadar Mini Port, PC Bhurban, Gwadar Stadium, and then proceed towards KOH-E-BATIL that is the highest point of Gwadar where you will see the beach in two parts and city in between, This is also known as the sunset point of Gwadar. Then we proceed towards Hotel where we serve our guests dinner with Chicken Karhai, Roti and Cold Drinks.

The next morning we do our breakfast in Hotel and departs for Karachi, on the way back we explore Princess of hope, Chandagup Mud Volcano if time allows and reaches back in Karachi after sunset. The Josh Tours is the best travel agency in Karachi to travel for Gwadar Beach tours.

Note: Depending on your starting location in Karachi and your driving route, the list of places you can visit on the way to Gwadar might vary.

I have worked on few of the things to do with your family or friends when you travel to Gwadar

1. Relaxing on the beach – Visitors can spend the day soaking up the sun and enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

2. Swimming – With its clear waters, Gwadar Beach is a great place for swimming and other water activities.

3. Scuba Diving – The waters around Gwadar offer excellent opportunities for scuba diving and exploring the local marine life.

4. Fishing – Visitors can also participate in traditional fishing activities or try their hand at deep sea fishing.

5. Kayaking – Kayaking is another popular activity on the beach, allowing visitors to explore the coastline and scenic bays.

6. Sailing – Sailing trips are available to explore the area and enjoy the stunning views from the sea.

7. Visit Fish Harbour – The Fish Harbour located at Gwadar Beach is a hub for the local fishing community and offers a unique insight into the local culture and way of life.

8. Explore the local markets – Visitors can also explore the local markets and try some of the delicious seafood dishes on offer.

9. Visit the Gwadar Port – The Gwadar Port is a key feature of the region and provides an interesting look into the area’s history and development.

Gwadar is known for its seafood. Some of the famous fishes to eat in Gwadar include:

These are some of the popular types of fish found in the area and are often prepared in traditional Pakistani dishes such as fish curry or fried fish.

1. Mackerel (Bangude)

2. Sardines (Palla)

3. Kingfish (Surmai)

4. Sole (Tali)

5. Tuna (Machi)

Here are some popular hotels in Gwadar that you can consider staying in:

1. Royal Resort Gwadar

2. Gwadar Golf View Resorts

3. Pearl Continental Gwadar

4. Safar Hotel Gwadar

5. GDC Gwadar Hotel

6. Gwadar Palace Hotel

7. Ocean Bay Hotel & Resorts

8. Rayan Hotel Gwadar

9. Royal Orchid Gwadar

10. Al-Mashriq Hotel Gwadar

You may also want to check user reviews and compare prices on booking websites such as, Agoda, or TripAdvisor to make the best choice for your needs and budget.

Every month we take a weekend trip to Gwadar Beach

In conclusion, Gwadar Beach in Balochistan offers a diverse range of activities and experiences for visitors to enjoy. From relaxing on the beach to exploring the local markets, the area has something to offer for everyone.

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