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Do you know you can travel without visa to many countries on Pakistani Green Passport?

Pakistani’s are always fond of travelling and look for ideas to travel to new destinations, unfortunately due to recent inflation and currency devalue traveling becomes the most expensive thing if we convert our earned money into dollar or any other currency exchange. Still there are few options available to travel on Pakistani passport on which either we don’t need any visa or visa is on arrival basis.

We have come up with list of few countries which are visa free on Pakistani passport. Although this list is really small but we wish and pray that soon there will be more options available.


Pakistani citizens can easily visit Maldives without having any visa and stay upto 30 days, Maldives is the best travel destination for newly married couples to spend quality time in their honeymoon. It’s mainly famous because of its beautiful beaches where you can explore the coral reefs, do snorkelling/scuba diving and stay in the most luxuries resort of the whole surrounded by blue water.


Pakistani citizens can enter Srilanka without visa for upto 30 days. Srilanka is a popular tourist destination and their economy runs around the tourism industry. Srilanka is famous because of their most beautiful landscapes that includes lush green forests, golden beaches, beautiful waterfalls and diverse wild life.

Srilanka is also famous because of their rich culture and history that’s more than 2500 years old, due to which it has so many ancient forts, ruins, unique temples and historical monuments that gives you an insight about the past. Srilanka is mainly affordable if we compare it with other countries that gives you an opportunity to spend more days in same budget if you compare it with any other country.


Pakistani citizens can enter Nepal visa free for up to 90 days and spend their vacation. Nepal is mainly famous because of Mount Everest, Every year thousands of mountaineers travel to explore and summit the highest mountain of the world.  It is famous because of the Himaliyan mountain range and home to some other peaks other than Mount Everest that offers countless trekking and exploration opportunities to nature lovers. 

Nepal is also famous because of wild life that includes rare Tigers, Rhinoceros, Elephants, and many species of birds. Special jungle safaris are arranged either privately or by public sector to facilitate tourists.

Nepal is also the hub of spirituality and religion, It has many ancient and heritage temples, monasteries and holy sites. In religious people it is mainly famous because it is the birth place of Lord Buddha. It is also an affordable country to travel where flights, hotels and tours are really cheap and affordable.


Dominica is also a country for Pakistani passport holders where they can travel without having a visa for upto 21 days. Dominica is mainly known and famous because of rainforests, pristine beaches and natural hot springs. We Pakistanis are always fond of rain and it always attract us. Its also known as the “Nature Island” because visitors can enjoy hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and other outdoor activities in the most beautiful environment. Its famous because of its unique culture and visitors get an opportunity to explore the Island’s unique creole culture and learn about its fascinating history.

Dominica is also famous because of the world’s largest mammal i.e. whale. So you can go to watch points where you can watch whale. Dominica is also committed to promote eco-tourism so it’s best for those who loves nature and wants to explore the most natural place on earth.


Vanuatu is also a country where Pakistanis can travel visa-free for up to 30 days. It’s also the best destination for beach lovers where you can experience and explore coral reefs, unique culture and it opens the door to celebrate traditional ceremonies and festivals.

Vanuatu is a beautiful tropical island seems like a Disney land where you can explore stunning beaches, rainforests, coral reefs and specially volcanoes that’s a rare thing to explore for a traveler because very few countries has volcanoes which gives an edge for to tourists.

People of Vanuatu are welcoming and friendly in nature who always welcome tourists with open hearts. Local cusuines are a must try for everyone with a blend of Melanesian, French and British influences including lap-lap a traditional dish made with root vegetables and meat or fish.

Trinidad and Tobago:

Pakistanis can enter Trinidad and Tobago visa free for up to 90 days. Those people who are keen to explore culture, dresses and unique things must explore this country, Because Trinidad and Tobago is famous all over the world because of vibrant costumes, music and dancing. It has also many beaches to explore for tourists including the famous Maracas bay and pigeon point.

Trinidad and Tobago also offers delicious food to tourists with blend of African, Indian, Chinese, and European influence with dishes like collaloo. This country has over 450 bird species, monkey, turtles and specially dolphins. There are many national parks where you can visit and witness the nature.

Night life of this country is also famous because this country offers many night clubs, bars, live music and venues that offers delicious foods.

These are few countries that we have gathered in this article where Pakistanis can travel visa free. You can get all the information about these countries from Karachi Best Travel Agency The Josh Tours.

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