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An Expedition to Gorakh Hill Station

A wise man once mentioned that:

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

And nobody but a traveler like me can better connect with the saying. Being passionate about exploring dry and rough mountains which many do not keep in consideration whereas I planned a trip to Interior Sindh and Balochistan to investigate the magnificence of nature.  Gorakh Hill Station has been my first choice and this time too mainly because of it being close to Karachi whereas one gets a wide scope to appreciate cold climate with chilly gusts of wind making the body go numb and dry. All this can be made a mind-blowing experience when viewed from atop  6000 ft. above ocean level.

The last days of December were those when I was leading the voyage of 24 persons to Gorakh Hill Station. Each one of them was energized and excited to appreciate the icy breeze and excellent environment.

On our way to Gorakh, we stayed at Sehwan restaurant to savour our appetite.

Reaching Wahi Pindi, we stopped and took jeeps instead to reach hilltop.

Jeep ride was extreme and audacious. The street to Gorakh is broken from numerous spots and it contains a few hazardous turns.

Despite the fact that it was a dry valley however on one side there was a finished scope of green trees which made the scene more excellent and engaging.

After a while of relaxation, we proceed with our trip, heading forward the views changed dramatically. And after each turn, we could say nothing but praise Allah Almighty for all magnificent creations.

We had a feast of delicious Chicken Karhai at lunch. Within thirty minutes we made our way to Benazir point. Beautiful and widespread landscapes left us awestruck utterly.

The temperature was almost five degree and cold breeze forced us  wrap ourselves in warm clothes in order to protect from frost. We stayed there till nightfall.

Miles away there were rocky mountains which shrouds the eminent sun behind and soon the entire valley transformed into dark. After  supper,  resort proprietor  arranged everything for Bonfire, coffee was served to combat with cold. Lying underneath millions star with icy breeze and fire was one of the best experience that everybody had.

With a round of candid chats and socializing we went back to the resorts with a lot of memories concealed in our hearts. Pakistan is brimming with scenes and excellence, however all it requires is Government support and also responsibility for groups living close-by. As this Hill Station is close to Hyderabad and Karachi yet residents want to go to different spots as opposed to coming here. Sindh is the third biggest area by size, and second biggest territory by populace, it is flanked by Balochistan. Individuals of Pakistan need to comprehend that each area needs appropriate tourism to advance their entire nation. Each region has distinctive magnificence and society to display. Yet individuals seldom adore dry mountains yet at the same time there are few who wants to go to this excellent spot to make the most of their time with their friends and family.

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