Government License #5406

Turkey Requirements

  1. Original Passport last 6 months validity with all pervious Passport.
  2. Two photographs white background (5cm x 5cm)

3.Family Registration Certificate (Obtain it from Nadra online system on just a click.

  1. If newly married obtain Marriage Certificate from UC, If planning for just Honeymoon just after wedding then just a copy of wedding card.
  2. Last Six months Bank Statement with Account Maintenance Certificate.
  3. Account ending balance shall be minimum of PKR 400,000 per person for 10 days visit.
  4. Income Proof (Salary slip along with Employment Letter) (For Payroll Employee)
  5. For Business Owner NTN Certificate with Tax Return (3 Years).
  6. Bonafide Letter from University/School (If student goingas Solo Traveler). 
  7. CNIC