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Hunza valley is high land valley in the northern part of Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Hunza is one of the most beautiful and attractive valley of Pakistan and become the most popular tourist destination. Hunza valley is called “Heaven on earth” because of its everlasting beauty and it is popular because of its snowcapped and rugged mountains and its astonishing scenery. A famous peak, ladyfinger also situated in Hunza valley. This valley is a fairy tale land which is surrounded by ice-capped mountains, adorable lakes, and white beautiful glaciers which fascinates the tourists.


The best time to visit Hunza valley is between the months of April and October. But the best season is Cherry Blossom which starts from the first week of March till the end of April which provides you a magical glimpse of pink charming flowers. This season is most beautiful enchanting weather which welcomes new season and see off chilly. Hunza valley is worth visiting in this season.


The people of Hunza valley, which are also known as Burusho people. They speak Burushaski language. These people are the happiest and healthiest on this planet.
They are famous across the world because of their longevity and anti-aging.


The people of hunza are fond of celebrating events. Many cultural activities are related with Hunza valley. Amid all age group traditional dance is very common and there is a
special traditional band for this dance which makes it to be more fun and excitement. The traditional Ginani festival is celebrated to welcome the new harvesting season with joy
and happiness.
Hunza valley is the most pretty and prepossessing valley in Pakistan. Many people came here both domestic and international. This place becomes the most worth visiting tourist’s destination
of Pakistan.

”One sees great things from the valley,
Only small things from the peak”


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