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Dargah Sachal Sarmast, The Symbol of Tolerance & Humanity

Some people dreamed for time machines to go into the past, while others go to authentic spots to investigate and feel the recollections. Living in Sindh, I have the advantage that this region has a large number of historical and religious places that I can visit.

In the previous month, I planned to investigate some historical spots of Sindh. My first destination was “Dargah Sachal Sarmast”.  The saint buried at Dargah was a well-known Sufi saint of the eighteenth century. One amazing thing about Sachal Sarmast is that he wrote in seven different dialects of Sindhi.

“If I interpret a love for all time, A hundred resurrections will pass; And yet my commentary will not end” – Sachal Sarmast

I left Karachi at midnight, all the nights I spent traveling. At Sunrise I reached Rani Pur, where the well-known Sufi writer was born. In the morning I proceeded with my trip towards Dargah. The street to Dargah has such a large number of trenches, that I was compelled to drive slowly. On the main expressway, there was a board demonstrating the area of the shrine. Little shops were offering their products on the road driving towards Dargah.

Dargah was perfect and clean, the individuals were occupied in appreciating the sights. Mostly there is an idea in Dargah and Mazars that individuals use to pay respects to the revered person. However here things were different, as there was no such movement going on. The sufi saint was truly partial to music. In his admiration, numerous nearby vocalists were occupied in singing the local melodies.

The tomb of Sachal Sarmast has an architecture that is aesthetically pleasing. The sight is the most beautiful in the region Individuals inside the tomb were sitting unobtrusively; occupied in making petitions to God and reciting Fatiha.

The message of Sufi Saint Sachal Sarmast’s life was of Tolerance. Race, cast,e or gender never mattered. Indeed, even Hindus and Christians used to visit his Dargah on standard premises which is the best message for plurality and mankind.

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