Government License #5406

Singapore Requirements

Personal appearance is compulsory for new applicants

Visa should be applied minimum 1 weeks before the flight.

Visit visa fees single entry for Tourist $105, Business, Social and Transit $140, at the time of submission (Not refundable).

Provide the exact amount.

All the documents should be on A4 Size.



  1. Original National Passport with validity should not less than 6 months, with minimum 2 blank visa pages.
  1. Previous passport must be attached (if any).
  2. One visa application form filled completely along with one latest Color photograph.
  3. Copy of page 1-2 of National passport.
  4. Copy of previous Indonesia visa (if any).
  5. Copy of valid/ latest national identity card (NIC).
  6. Copy of itinerary / booking from ticketing agent.
  7. Copy of confirmed hotel reservation (issued by the concerned hotel).
  8. Bank statement with account maintenance certificate for the last 6 months with the Minimum balance equal to US$ 10,000 for Business and US$ 1,500 for other purposes. (Issued 5 days before the submission).
  1. Business Registration Certificate copy / Recommendation letter from the Chamber of Commerce or business Association (for business visa only).
  1. Invitation letter from the sponsors/ business partners in Indonesia or other proofs if any With ID Card Copy / Passport of the sponsor (for business and social visa).
  1. Visa form must be Sign by the Applicant.
  2. Covering letter from the company / applicant mentioning the purpose of visit clearly