Road Taken to Haunted Cave City Balochistan

Traveling is something that runs in my blood. It has penetrated within me so much so that I only get satiated when exploring one of the rustic spots in Balochistan.

Being an ardent admirer of dry and arid lands- Balochistan remains at the top in my travel list. Away from city life hustle-bustle, Gondrani Cave City is situated at a distance of 175 km from Karachi in Bela city.

On a fresh Sunday morning, I finally managed to convince few adventurers to explore this mysterious yet wonderful land which is also known as Shehr-e-Roghan.

We left Karachi early morning, it was an overcast day, we selected Winder Balochistan for breakfast and after that begin our voyage again towards Lasbela, the best sight of going to Balochistan is the sight of camels wandering in deserts and intersection streets, as of now you must be extremely careful as infrequently they get distraught when they see vehicles coming.

After crossing Lasbela, there is a narrow street which leads towards Gondrani caves.  There were fields on the both sides. Cattle were grazing on the roadside. Passing by we saw couple of Egyptian vultures flying on top of our cars, as we realize that it’s once in a while seen in various parts of Balochistan so we take stop to take few pictures.

After approximately 15 km drive there was a small off-road trek that leads to the top of hill, some of my friends were on 4X4 autos so they drove towards the caves specifically as it’s impractical to take regular cars over there.



Trek was entirely troublesome for it was steep and full of tiny rocks; we enjoyed a bumpy ride therefore. The sights ahead for us were exquisitely heaven-likes. Small lake was streaming on one side of the caves which was deep, so we chose this spot to rejuvenate and enjoy a swim in it as the water was  shimmering  and sparkling in the sunlight.

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After  that we began to trek again to explore the mysterious caves, our coaster standing on the highest point of slope was resembled a toy car. When we achieved a point at the caves, couples of local people were staying there involved in playing cards. We conversed with them and gathered some information about the historical backdrop of that place, as indicated by them there were apparitions living there many years back and this spot is still haunted while nobody can stay here at evening time. As per the historians, this spot was home to Buddhists monks around 1500 years back, someone else at the caves told story about a king and his little girl who lived there in the era of Hazrat Suleman (A.S), that girl was possessed by some evil spirits. Around then numerous legends came and attempted to safeguard her however fizzled, at long last Prince Sail-ul-Mulook slaughtered the evil spirits and liberated her. There is a grave of an old woman named Mai Balochani who yielded her life to execute the evil presences and recovery the nearby individuals.


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These caves are cut into strong combination rocks, but have ram shackled now because of ignorance. We spent couple of hours sitting and exploring those caves and afterwards begin trekking back towards our cars, we as a whole were truly depleted as it was around 40C and seemed hard to trek further. We as a whole returned homes tired yet loaded with stunning memories and information. Despite holding glorious beauty, little had been done to preserve them.

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