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Kot Diji-Fort Of Ancient Talpur Regime

Possessing a specific interest in exploring historical places, my must-go list signaled to pick of years old Kot Diji Fort built by age-old Talpur family in 1795.

I drove from the road of Ranipur towards KOT Diji, the minute I crossed the roadway and moved towards my destination, the sights changed abruptly. A dilapidated graveyard was the first to catch my attention. Going through its history, I came to know about the strategic planning of the fort according to which it had been built. Ideally, the fort was used to keep enemies sidelined.

On a close exploration I observed that the fort was situated at the height of 100+ feet, which had  remarkable vision from each side to secure the territory; three  watchmen stood outside to guard the post. Inner view of the fort was a different experience to go through. There was a staircase which lead me to the  highest point of the fort .

A gigantic water tank was installed  to facilitate local people, while on both sides of the post there were little passageways and rooms. The best thing that I noticed  was that the fort was in its genuine condition.

Gradually I reached  the highest point of the fort to appreciate the perspective, on the top there were little windows framed to shield the post from assailants and to caution on the off chance that they see any foe.  From atop, clear vision of main highway was possible, enjoying  in mild-chill  breeze, my thoughts formed a chain of scenes imagining the years old Talpur reign and their activities as learnt in history books.

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