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Rani Kot: Trip To World’s Largest Fort

The wise say: We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

A large number of adventure lovers attempt to spend their weekend in remote zones to get peace. Living in Karachi, we are blessed with variety of spots which are only a couple of hours drive away. To make my day memorable, I along with my friends planned to explore Rani Kot.We began our voyage in early morning, when the rest of the city seems to be enjoying deep slumber.

Approximately after thirty minutes of drive, the sun began to ascend before expressway and the sight of it was simply breathtaking.

Further we drove and halted at Jamshoro to satisfy our hunger. After a short drive, the sign board of Rani Kot was set on the primary street of San from that point we turned  left to go further, the street connecting to Rani Kot had been covered with dust and was in dilapidated condition.

Soon we made it to the grand and massive Rani Kot. It is known as one of the world’s largest forts with more than 26 km of circumference.

The first spot to be evidenced was Meri Kot which came in view after 30 minutes of drive. the caretaker who was educated about our entry warm invited us with respect, we rested shortly and then we begin to explore fort. He took us to the highest point of the fort where he guided us about its history and significance. The walls of the post were not in genuine condition, it was plastered and painted. As per him the fort was built by Mir Karam Ali Khan Talpur.

Fort was well -built and had indications of watchman tower on the top, Meri Kot is encompassed and secured zone, it has one principle door called Mohan Gate, It took an hour to explore the entire fort. We were aware about a little lake which was around 3 km trek.

It was hard to trek in view of the burning sun which was persistently tailing us. The things that kept us on going were local people who were occupied in cultivating and little youngsters who met us on the way. We met two cute little girls who were headed back home in the wake of gathering woods and grass for their household.

Reaching the last point was a relief since it got tiring towards the end of the journey.  Borrowing from a dialect, ‘Parion jo thall’ was the name given to the last spot which has a literal meaning of ‘the spot where angels live’or ‘the fairy spring’

It was a wonderful lake with sheer  & crystal clear water.

Summing up my trip, I would suggest all adventure lovers to make this spot a must-go place in their tour list.

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