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Le Meriden Tower 5 Star Makkah Hotel Review l Safar E Umrah Vlog l Episiode 18

Le Meriden Tower 5 Star Makkah Hotel Review l Safar E Umrah Vlog l Episiode 18

Hello Joshilay Travellers,
Assalam O Alaikum, In this Safar E Umrah VLOG I have made a special video for those who are looking for a reasonable rates hotel to stay in Makkah, I have stayed in Le Meriden Towers hotel with my father during my stay in Makkah and find it one of the best hotel in terms of services and rates. Its a 5 star shuttle service hotel so every time when I plan to visit Masjid Al Haram, I saw multiple shuttle buses parked in hotel front so I never faced any hasstle, Shuttle main drop off point is Clock Tower basement that is hardly 5 minutes walk to Masjid Al Haram. In this video I have also given a complete room tour and describe the facilities which one get in this hotel. Watch complete VLOG to enjoy the stay.

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