Government License #5406

Japan Requirements

  1. VISA application form completed and signed by an applicant.
  2. One photo sized 2 x 1.4 inches taken within the last three months with white, blue or grey background (non-glossy, unedited and focus on face)
  3. Passport:
  • All Passports, even if they are expired or cancelled
  • Valid Passport with sufficient space for a visa sticker (more than two blank
  • pages) (Original and Copy of 1st Page Only)
  • Signature on Second Page of Valid Passport – Thumbprint in case of
  • children that cannot write.
  1. Original National Identity Cards (both manual & computerized) (Copy)
  2. Flight Ticket (Unpaid Booking – At least ten days gap from day of appointment)
  3. Schedule of Stay (Including Quarantine and Day-to-Day Activity)
  4. Tax Returns and Computerized Payment Receipts (Latest Two Years) (Copy)
  5. Bank Statement for six months till latest date
  6. Company Letter (If applicable) (Including Designation, Duration of Employment, Salary)