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Degrees That Make a Difference: Stay Safe at Home While Earning Your Degree

Metropolitan College of New York invites you to explore our undergraduate and graduate degrees that make a difference. Learn about our degrees in Emergency & Disaster Management, Community Health Education, Healthcare & Human Services, IT, Business, Public Affairs, and Education! Our programs are being offered online, allowing you to stay safe at home while earning your degree.

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At MCNY, you can earn an accelerated Masters in 1 year or a Bachelor’s degree in less than 3 years. We have designed our programs for working professionals, with two conveniently-located campuses in New York City’s Financial District and the Bronx. MCNY offers an opportunity for working adults who are looking to advance their careers, transfer students from community colleges wanting a more career-focused college experience, veterans returning from service eager to use G.I. Bill benefits as expeditiously as possible, workers impacted by the present economic dislocations seeking to obtain advanced training, and graduating high school students exploring a career direction. MCNY is also an opportunity for international students, who can minimize the costs of length residence while enjoying the benefits of internship placements in the greatest city in the world.

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MCNY is a vibrant and unique non-profit learning institution with accreditation.

Audrey Cohen School for Human Services and Education:
► Degrees Offered: Associate of Arts in Human Services, Bachelor of Professional Studies in Human Services, Master of Science in Education – Dual Childhood Grades 1-6/Special Education, CASAC Program, Master of Arts in Community Health Education

School for Business:
► Degrees Offered: Associate of Science in Business, Associate in Applied Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Systems Management, Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Technology Management, MBA in Financial Services, MBA in General Management, MBA in Health Services and Risk Management, MBA in Media Management

School for Public Affairs and Administration:
► Degrees Offered: AA/BA in Emergency Management & Business Continuity, MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management, MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management, MPA in Public Affairs and Administration”

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