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Banbore (The Gateway of Islam in Sindh)

Exploring Heritages of Ancient Bhanbore City

Around the globe, countries that have heritages have more tourism as compared to other countries and they have dedicated departments who work hard to promote and maintain it.  Sindh is known as Bab Ul Islam, Back in 711 AD Mohammad Bin Qasim began the conquest of the Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab, he entered Sindh and conquered it and built the first mosque that is the reason sindh is named as Bab Ul Islam.

As a Mountain Lover, I generally want to go to dry mountains and old legacies, so I chose to head towards Bhambore which has much old human advancement which still needs to investigate. Bhambore is an old city of first Century BC it lies on the National Highway east of Karachi. Our excursion began at a young hour in the morning and it takes one and thirty minutes to achieve our destination. It was Sunday yet at the same time there was no other guest. We were the main guest we drew closer to the counter and purchased tickets to proceed with our voyage inside the old Museum.

Traveling is an art, And I want to die as an artist. Hammad Shakil

Musuem of Banbore

Diverse works of art and maps were exhibited in showcases, the nearby guide clarified us about the course of MBQ and his buddies, and after that he took us outside and lets us know that first Tank was utilized as a part of war by the fighters of MBQ

Remains of Ancient City Bhanbore

The nearby guide was driving us and letting us know about the old human progress story, the entire territory was still strange, on our approach to river Indus there were Industrial region on right side where individuals of Sindh used to work. The guide was some way or another letting us know like he was found out something and simply rehashing the entire words without understanding what he is stating, that is because of absence of education and absence of information. Separation from exhibition hall towards the Industrial region and territory is around 100 yards. On the left side there was an old well which was utilized for residential purposes.

Everybody was interested to see the first mosque of South Asia, so subsequent to investigate the riverside, the guide move ahead to the Mosque range, it was a level surface without any indications of mosque, yet there were two unique sheets set outside showing about mosque and madarsa.

A devoted Madarsa was additionally assembled alongside the mosque to instruct kids and grown-ups about the teachings of Quran.

In the wake of investigating the entire museum and site zone, each one of us was compelled to concede that the commercial centers, street organizing and the waste frameworks demonstrate the abnormal state of knowledge of those individuals. Bhambore museum gave us a solid archeological legacy.