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Ask UPEI’s Graduating Class of 2022 #WeDidItFirst

We know because we’ve seen it happen over & over again. Students come to UPEI Cairo Campus with eyes set on the dream and a hand ready to be held for guidance. Fast forward to a few months into their journey, they find themselves thriving here at UPEI Cairo Campus. As they reach the end, they’re ready to lead the future.

No matter your background or interests, we believe you can be great, and we definitely have what you need at UPEI Cairo Campus to shape the future!

Still in doubt? Ask the 1st graduating class from an International Branch Campus! #WeDidItFirst

The future is yours & we’re here to help you start now! Join us today!

Learn more about UPEI Cairo Campus.

Apply now for the Fall 2022 admission.

For any questions, call us at 16838.

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