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7 Tips For 100% Visa Success Rate l Canada UK Europe Schengen & Australia Visa Guide

7 Tips For 100% Visa Success Rate l Canada UK Europe Schengen & Australia Visa Guide

Hello Joshilay Travellers,
Assalam O Alaikum, Normally many people apply their visa on their own and they made very minor mistakes although their profile seems reasonable and reflects chances of visa approval but it get rejected because they overlook few things before applying for visa and they didn’t plan their visa journey. In thise video we have discussed 7 most important mistakes that normally people do and due to which their visa get rejected, Also we have discussed how to rectify these mistakes.

1) Sufficient Bank Statement to Justify Your Travel Expenses
2) Proper FBR Tax Returns To Support Your Income Statement
3) Reasonable Travel Plan mentioning all the places to visit
4) Hotel Bookings should align with your travel plan
5) Always Use Real Travel Insurance
6) Always Use Flight Bookings with Real Flight Details and Booking Reference.
7) Your Cover Letter Should Always Satisfy Visa Officer That You will return to your country.

Watch this complete video to know about the details before applying. Our criteria is simple we never take visas before doing a consultation session, We only take visa if we see chances of approval otherwise we give pointers to our client to follow so that he can make his profile stronger before applying to avoid chances of visa rejection.

If you want to process your visa hassle free our expert team can do this, You can contact us at +92333-3599811 for details.
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