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15 Riddles Try to Trick You, Don’t Let Them!

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How to test your logical thinking? Try to solve these amazing riddles and brainteasers! In case you want to increase your IQ, solving hard riddles is also a perfect way to boost your brain. Tons of studies show that intelligence the ability to think outside the box that can get you out of almost any situation! Just one warning before you start: only 10% of people manage to solve all 15 riddles. Are you up for the challenge?


Missing documents 0:01
The best queen 0:37
A shoe cleaner 1:42
A poor teacher 2:16
In a hospital 3:11
Poisoned lake 3:39
A profitable contract 4:27
A man in a gray hoodie 5:22
Very important documents 6:27
Four glasses 7:35
The last man on Earth 8:23
A golf club 9:00
A private party 9:44
A valuable briefcase 11:01
A married couple 11:57

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